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The documenta takes place every three years. And in 2017 the time has come again: documenta 14 will open its doors from 8 April to 16 July. This year, however, there is a special feature, because the famous Triennale is presenting its artistic diversity for the first time not only in Germany.

This time Athens and Kassel share the exhibits. And so the official opening took place on 8 April in the Greek capital.

The dimensions are once again very impressive: in Greece alone, the works of over 150 different artists can be seen at a total of 48 venues. The exact plans and details for all venues in Kassel are expected to be available in early summer 2017.

Have I aroused your interest in documenta? Click here for the official website with all the important information:

Magic City

Now it’s colorful! Since April 13, the public can visit the exhibition “Magic City – Die Kunst der Straße” in Munich (Small Olympic Hall in the Olympic Park).

There’s something for the eyes: 3D illusions, graffiti, sculptures and murals (painted, sprayed, scratched, glued and even knitted). The two Urban Art experts Carlo McCormick and Ethel Seno have gathered the works of over 50 street artists from five continents in Munich. The result is a collection of exhibits that impress and delight.

And if you’re not satisfied with looking, there’s also a MagicLab where you can try it out for yourself. Here, experienced graffiti and street art artists give workshops and help out. If you want to go on a city trip now, you can visit the “Magic City” until September 3rd.

Reminiscence of the 1 million dollar project

That’s what I call contemporary relevance. At the beginning of April, the social website reddit launched a collaborative online art project called “place”. It started with an empty area of 1,000 x 1,000 pixels. The users of the reddit community were able to design this area completely independently of each other according to certain rules.

The result after 72 hours was a jointly created image of self-organizing and mostly separately acting actors. A very exciting experiment, which reminds me strongly of the legendary project “The Million Dollar Homepage” by Alex Tew.

Big difference: 1 million dollars were turned over at that time. The Reddit project relies on free user generated content. This also reflects the spirit of the times.

A word with Simon de Pury

The interview that SZ author Sven Michaelsen conducted with Simon de Pury in issue 13/2017 of the “Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin” must be described as almost epic. In the online version, the conversation with the art curator, collector and auctioneer comprises a total of almost 7,000 words.

But it’s not just the size that matters. Pury is an absolute connoisseur of the art market. And his analyses of the market are correspondingly sharp. My personal highlights are his experiences as the right hand of “Heini”, his assessments of what art is, and his typification of artists.

And by the way, the dialogue with Simon de Pury is also very entertaining. Especially when one learns which works of art have been destroyed “behind the scenes” over the years, or which coercive acts he is carrying out all around an action.


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